7 Driving Habits That Ruin Your Car and Drain Your Wallet

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1. Resting Your Hand on the Gear Stick
– One common bad habit is resting your hand on the gear stick while driving. This practice should be avoided as it can have several detrimental effects.
– First, it’s essential to keep both hands on the steering wheel for proper control of the vehicle.
– Second, putting constant pressure on the gear stick can damage the gearbox. It’s similar to turning it into a cocktail shaker, which can displace synchronizers and gears, leading to shifting problems.
– Whether you drive an automatic or manual car, transmission issues can be costly and impact the vehicle’s performance. To prevent such problems, it’s better to keep your hand on the steering wheel instead.

2. Refueling Only When the Tank is Almost Empty
– Waiting until your fuel tank is nearly empty before refueling is a habit that can lead to problems.
– When your car is not in use, impurities accumulate in the fuel tank, and sediment forms at the bottom. This sediment can include dirt and other contaminants.
– These impurities can enter the filters and the pump, causing damage and affecting the proper functioning of your car’s fuel delivery system.
– Leaving the tank at least half-filled during winter is recommended to prevent the formation of excess condensate. Water in the fuel tank during freezing conditions can lead to tank deformation and other issues.

3. Unnecessarily Revving the Engine
– Revving the engine excessively before driving is another common habit. While it may seem like a way to warm up the engine, it can lead to increased wear and tear.
– Modern engines are designed to operate effectively without extended warm-up periods. Unnecessary revving can increase fuel consumption and contribute to more rapid engine wear.
– Instead, it’s best to start the engine and allow it to run for a short time (usually a few seconds) before driving gently until it reaches the optimal operating temperature.

4. Ignoring Routine Maintenance
– Neglecting regular maintenance tasks, such as oil changes, filter replacements, and tire rotations, is a habit that can lead to car issues.
– Routine maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle in good condition and prevent more significant problems down the road.
– Ignoring maintenance schedules can result in reduced fuel efficiency, decreased engine performance, and even engine damage. Regular check-ups and maintenance can save you money in the long run.

5. Riding the Brakes Downhill
– Some drivers habitually ride the brakes when traveling downhill, which not only wastes fuel but also puts excessive wear on the braking system.
– It’s more efficient to use engine braking (downshifting) or apply the brakes intermittently, allowing them to cool between applications.
– Prolonged use of the brakes on descents can lead to brake fade, which reduces their effectiveness and can be a safety concern.

6. Tailgating and Aggressive Driving
– Aggressive driving habits, such as tailgating and frequent rapid acceleration and braking, not only put you and others at risk but can also lead to more rapid wear and tear on your vehicle.
– Braking hard and accelerating quickly increases fuel consumption and puts stress on your car’s brakes and suspension system.
– To avoid potential accidents and reduce wear on your car, it’s essential to maintain a safe following distance and adopt a more relaxed driving style.

By breaking these bad driving habits and adopting safer and more considerate practices, you can protect your car, improve its longevity, and save money on maintenance and repairs. Safe and mindful driving not only benefits your wallet but also contributes to overall road safety.


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  • Plum Grove: A city in Liberty County, Texas, with a population of 1,245 as of 2020 census.
  • Geography: The city has a total area of 7.3 square miles (19 km 2 ), all land, and is located at 30°12′26″N 95°5′29″W.
  • Demographics: The city is predominantly Latino (70.0%), followed by White (21.3%), Black (4.5%), and others. The median income is $42,232 and the poverty rate is 12.7%.
  • Education: The city is served by the Cleveland Independent School District.

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