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lets cover things you should never say to a car dealer when you’re buying a car, focusing on how to maintain the upper hand during the negotiation process. Let’s explore each point further:

Never Tell the Dealer Your Desired Monthly Payment
– When you enter a dealership, a salesperson might ask about your monthly payment expectations. It’s crucial not to disclose this number.
– If you give a specific monthly payment figure, they may stretch out the financing term to fit that amount. This can obscure the actual vehicle price and potentially cost you more in the long run.
– Instead, focus on negotiating the total “out-the-door” price, including taxes, title, and fees. This approach keeps the focus on the overall cost rather than monthly payments.

Never Express Strong Emotions About the Vehicle During a Test Drive
– It’s essential to maintain a poker face during the test drive. Even if you really like or dislike the car, don’t reveal your feelings.
– Dealerships want to gauge your level of attachment to the vehicle. Expressing strong emotions, whether positive or negative, can give them the upper hand in negotiations.
– Keeping your feelings to yourself helps you maintain negotiation leverage and prevents the salesperson from tailoring their approach based on your emotions.

Never Convey Desperation for the Car
– Never inform the dealer that you’re desperate for the car, especially if you’ve recently experienced a car-related incident, such as a totaled vehicle.
– If the sales person knows you urgently need a car, they may use this information to their advantage in negotiations. It could lead to less favorable terms.
– Always approach the negotiation from a position of strength and confidence.

Never Offer a Non-Negotiable Price First
– Avoid being the first to propose a non-negotiable price for the car.
– If you present a price as “take it or leave it,” you might miss out on opportunities to negotiate a better deal.
– Let the salesperson make the initial offer or negotiate the price without indicating that it’s final. This keeps the door open for a more favorable outcome.

 Never Say You Don’t Know Anything About the Vehicle
– Demonstrating a complete lack of knowledge about the car can put you at a disadvantage.
– Sales people may try to take advantage of your lack of information by providing inaccurate details and pushing for unfavorable terms.
– Before visiting a dealership, do your research to have a basic understanding of the vehicle’s features, pricing, and market value.

By following these tips, you can navigate the car-buying process more effectively, maintain control during negotiations, and increase the chances of securing a better deal. Remember that a confident and informed approach can help you make a more informed purchasing decision while protecting your interests and your wallet.

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