Resolving Engine Stuttering: Expert Tips from a Seasoned Mechanic

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In the realm of automobiles, encountering occasional issues is par for the course. One of the most vexing problems a driver can face is a stuttering engine during a drive. To help you tackle this problem like a pro, we’ll explore the expert advice and practical steps provided by a seasoned mechanic with a wealth of experience.

The Challenge: Deciphering Engine Stuttering

Our journey begins with a vehicle that exhibits sporadic stuttering and momentary pauses during driving. Ordinarily, the first course of action in such a scenario is to scan for diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) using the vehicle’s onboard computer. In this particular case, however, the check engine light remains unlit while the car is running. In search of a solution, our seasoned mechanic, well-versed in troubleshooting, connects a scan tool, only to find that no fault codes are forthcoming. The situation becomes all the more intriguing.

The Logical Approach

This experienced mechanic prides themselves on adopting a logical, hands-on approach to solving automotive enigmas. They commence by considering the fundamentals. The vehicle under scrutiny boasts a mileage reading of 123,298 miles, a significant figure that suggests it may be time for some maintenance. The crucial question posed by the mechanic is, “Has the vehicle undergone a tune-up, particularly with a focus on changing the spark plugs?” The response from the vehicle’s owner is that, to the best of their knowledge, no such tune-up has occurred. This key piece of information prompts our expert to initiate their diagnostic journey.

Under the Hood: The Examination of Spark Plugs

Our mechanic takes us beneath the vehicle’s hood to access the spark plugs, a vital component of the ignition system responsible for igniting the air-fuel mixture within the engine cylinders. Most vehicles typically use spark plugs featuring a 5/8-inch hex. However, the unique Ford model in question introduces a distinctive challenge, employing spark plugs requiring a 14-millimeter socket. Our mechanic underscores the importance of utilizing the correct tool for the task.

Measuring the Gap

The measurement of the spark plug gap constitutes a crucial element of this process. Ideally, it should measure 40 thousandths of an inch. However, our mechanic identifies that it registers closer to 60 thousandths, indicative of significant wear and an underlying cause of engine issues. As a result, they make the decision to replace all eight spark plugs.

The New Spark Plugs: A Pivotal Detail

It is worth noting that modern spark plugs come pre-coated and necessitate no further treatment. They can be securely bolted in and tightened, but our mechanic places particular emphasis on working with a cold engine. Attempting this procedure on a hot engine may lead to damage, especially when dealing with aluminum engine heads.

Coil-on-Plug Assemblies: An Unexpected Discovery

Our mechanic’s thorough examination yields an unexpected discovery. When reaching the first spark plug on the passenger side, they observe that the coil-on-plug assembly is covered in coolant due to a leak in a radiator hose. In keeping with their meticulous approach, our mechanic opts to replace this coil-on-plug assembly to ensure that no detail escapes their attention.

Starting the Engine: The Moment of Truth

After the arduous and sweat-inducing task of replacing the spark plugs and addressing the coil-on-plug issue, the moment of truth arrives. Our seasoned mechanic ignites the engine, revs it up, and takes it for a test drive, marking the thrilling culmination of this diagnostic and repair adventure.


The expert approach of our seasoned mobile mechanic serves as a testament to the value of a logical and systematic process. What initially presented itself as a perplexing engine stuttering issue has been methodically diagnosed and resolved, underscoring the importance of regular maintenance and meticulous attention to engine components. Whether you’re a proficient mechanic or a car enthusiast eager to expand your knowledge of vehicle diagnostics and repair, the guidance and insights shared by our expert will prove invaluable. Stay tuned for more expert advice and practical solutions from the world of auto repair.


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